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Why Is The Color Of The Life Vest Orange?
Nov 09, 2017

The people who often take the boat will find that many countries make their life jackets and life preserver orange and yellow. The following two points are simple:

(1) Have a special effect on sharks in the sea. Sharks in the sea are unusually ferocious, and people who fall overboard are often hurt by it. But it was found that sharks were most afraid of orange and yellow, and when they saw this color, they turned away and would rather starve than go near. So people turn the life preserver into orange yellow to scare off sharks.

(2) to rescue people in distress has a certain role. This is related to the wavelength of orange and yellow. Orange-yellow visibility, bright glare, can strongly stimulate the human optic nerve. People's eyes are easy to notice orange yellow, and will not be confused with other colors. Therefore, many dangerous occasions, orange yellow is the warning color, such as locomotives, mountaineering clothing, backpacks, life jackets and other items are stained with orange yellow. The use of such a life vest or life preserver, in case of an accident, is easier to find, thereby early rescue.

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