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Apr 17, 2018


Then there's the "small" equipment

These different items can be purchased as you advance through the levels and in keeping with the purchase of your other equipment:
A computer: mandatory as of level 2, you need at least a way of monitoring your depth and dive time. If it doesn't come with one, think about a pouch for protecting your computer.
A compass and surface marker buoy: you will also need these tools during your level 2 training. Remember a clip for your compass, and a line and weight for your SMB if not provided.
A dive lamp or torch: you can initially start with a torch that will help you to see better into all of the nooks and crannies where some species may be hidden. After that, you can consider buying a much more powerful dive lamp, especially if you're interested in underwater photography or video. Remember something to attach your torch so as not to lose it.
A weight belt (if you opt for this system): such a belt is generally purchased when doing your initial open-water dives.
A knife (or cutter): whether worn on your ankle, arm or attached to your BCD, it's a safety tool. It will enable you to cut a line or wire if you get entangled.
A bag: a way of carrying around your equipment. It should ideally be waterproof, to avoid getting your car all wet. I would recommend having several, including one for the pool that could hold your fins, mask, snorkel, bathing suit and towel, and then a bag or box for carrying all of your equipment for open-water diving. I would even recommend a rolling bag, since the equipment is heavy and no one wants back problems. You can also have a net bag for keeping your equipment together on the boat.
Gloves: gloves are generally purchased at the same time as your wetsuit or before you start open-water diving.
Tank: far from being mandatory, since when you go diving with a commercial structure or club, a tank is generally provided at no extra cost. So I would recommend that you buy a tank if you plan to go diving with friends (without a structure) and you have your own compressor, but this isn't really an obligation.

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