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Types Of Equipment
Apr 08, 2018

Types of equipment

When you are new to kitchen operations, the range of equipment can seem overwhelming. Everything has a particular (and probably odd sounding) name, everything has a place and you have to learn that too.

To make things a little easier we can think of equipment as belonging to one of two categories. First there is small equipment, things that are easy to carry and move about the kitchen. Then there is large equipment, these items are usually immobile and are often fixed to the floor or a bench.

The difference between hand tools and utensils is that hand tools can literally be held and operated by hand, and usually only one hand at that! Utensils include implements (specialised tools like an olive stoner), or vessels (pots, pans and mixing bowls) that you use in a kitchen. Many of these require more than one hand to operate.

Apart from their size, we can also categorise equipment as being non-mechanical, mechanical or powered.

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