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Tips For Choosing Beach Shoes
Nov 09, 2017

1. Beach shoes to buy essentials first is the soles, many beach shoes wear long or bubble water will have a stink, in fact, the taste is from the bottom of the soles, such soles may have very good comfort, but after wet dry slowly, and moisture will continue to penetrate the soles. Rubber outsole is the most important part of beach shoes, especially when it is used as hiking shoes, the thickness of moderate hardness, but also have a certain non-slip performance, many of these are dependent on the soles of the material and grain, to pay special attention when purchasing.

2.Second, the belt is critical, and now the outdoor straps are not only very strong and beautiful, but also suitable for outdoor sports needs, if it is a leather type of seawater bubble a few times, the belt will become very stiff; some of the beach shoes are made from a complete piece of the midsole through the soles of the shoe, and the process can make the tape firmer Even after degumming can still be used for a period of time, it is recommended to buy such shoes.

3.The last thing to look at is the overall appearance and protection performance, good outdoor beach shoes should have a certain bending curve, the shoe head slightly cocked, heel height is moderate, this is not easy to kick things, the overall should be compact and feet, the best for the extra tape cut off.

4.Special tread Non-slip rubber outsole, touch the ground wear-resistant treatment, touch foot softening treatment, anti-bacteria treatment of the shoe bed, and provide a smooth cushion, the outsole both in the dry, wetland surface to ensure non-slip, in stone, glass and rubber boats and many other smooth surface performance outstanding. All to adjust the Jacquard ribbon, before the belt and buckle has a sponge pad, to ensure the comfort of wearing.

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