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Events Related To Beach Shoes
Nov 09, 2017

Foot wearing beach shoes into the five-star hotel stroll Boutique shop, attract the waiter's disdain.

A visitor recounted his encounter with a boutique in a five-star hotel in Guilin and then gave feedback to the owner of the store. After a detailed investigation, the waiter was dismissed and the store manager apologized to the visitor that night.

Tourists, Mr. Tang introduced, he from the Hechi drove to Guilin, is located in Guilin Binjiang Road on a five-star hotel. In the evening, Mr. Tang's foot wearing beach shoes from the hotel side entrance, to the front desk registration, after a boutique shop, he intends to stroll. "Because I like to drink, so I go to the foreign wine area to see." I saw a bottle of horse and a bottle of Chivas, because no price, then asked the waiter price, a waitress is not very enthusiastic to quote the price. I thought it was a lot more expensive than the outside, so I didn't intend to buy it, and then I asked how to distinguish between real and fake wines. The waiter replied impatiently, ' We are all real wine here '. Mr. Tang then came to sell the painting area, think one of them with a stone to collage the painting is very good-looking, so squat there to watch for a while. Then the waitress came up and asked me, ' Sir, do you like this painting? Like to buy back, see all my life can. At that time I heard her say so, in the mind already some uncomfortable, plan to pique the picture to buy down. So Mr. Tang asked the waiter for the price. The price of this painting is about 2800 yuan, but Mr. Tang was only 2100 yuan in cash, he asked if he could swipe the card. Unexpectedly this waiter replied: "Swipe card can, afraid of your Cary no money." "Mr. Tang said," I heard her answer, angry and puzzled. Just next to a mirror, I want to take care of myself today is what is wrong, let this waiter despise. But even more unexpectedly, the waiter came up and said something that made me more surprised: ' Sir, don't look, people are not sold in this mirror. ’”

Mr. Tang thinks that even if he goes into the shop on his beach shoes that day, he should not invite the waiter to take such a treatment. Mr. Tang then called the five-star hotel for a complaint. A service manager at the hotel said the boutique, although located in their hotel, was contracted out to others. However, the hotel has made a patient explanation and sincere apology for Mr. Tang's experience. Mr. Tang told reporters: "In fact this is not the fault of the hotel, but they are still very sincere, which makes me very touched." I'd like to get an apology from the boutique and the waiter, and I hope they can really change their service attitude through this. ”

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