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CES 2018 Sports And Health Products Exciting
Jan 20, 2018

NetEase Sports reported on January 17:

The CES 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA, has just concluded. In the past few sessions, artificial intelligence, VR products, unmanned aerial vehicles and AR products have all become the focus of attention. The new year's technology and The first event in the field of digital consumer, the CES show bring us those differences?

CES 2018 exhibitors are divided into industry leaders and industry innovators, a total of more than 4,000 exhibitors. The display category is still based on smart home, Internet of things, AR / VR, automatic / driverless these key words, and this year the organizers for the field of health set up a separate four themes, namely: convenience, digital health, Fitness and wearable devices and sleep technology. What we bring to you is more about health and wearable technology related product content.

Jia Ming this year at the CES 2018 show released the latest smart watch Forerunner 645, which is a sports music watch with built-in storage and GPS. Function to more cater to the popular consumer users It is also the reason for this product launch, in addition to playing music, Forerunner 645 added Vivoactive 3 has only Garmin Pay NFC payment function. In addition, the Forerunner 645 sports function is still strengths, watch built GPS, GLONASS and heart rate sensor, to track running, riding and swimming and other activities, and in the software to provide training load, and anaerobic effects and so on. Jia Ming said Forerunner 645 normal use up to 7 days, using GPS mode for 5 hours. The product is currently on sale for $ 450, plus a non-music player version for $ 400.

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