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Where can I get a diving permit
Mar 06, 2018

Diving clubs are available in major cities in China (Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai, etc.) for diving courses, diving licenses for both PADI and CMAS, which used to be CMAS but now also have PADI classes (PADI and CMAS is an international diving organization that offers diving certification.) The most basic courses, such as the full package of PADI's Open Water (including training fees, textbooks and diving license application fees, as well as the cost of internships to natural waters) at 3500 ~ 4000 yuan or so.

Diving courses are organized at diving sites in Southeast Asian countries. PADI's Open Water is available in all-inclusive prices ranging from 1,700 RMB to 2,500 RMB, and the course takes 4 days. However, transportation, accommodation and visa fees need to be considered when going abroad for textual research .

No matter where you learn to dive, find a regular diving school and a serious and responsible coach, coupled with their serious study of theory and skills is the most important.

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