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Tips for choosing fins
Nov 09, 2017

Tips One, webbed surface soft.

A soft flippers can save you a lot of energy, but the propulsion is no less powerful. On the webbed surface to increase the design of the hollow, water can be through the fins, reduce the ankle force. So you can spend less energy and enjoy more ocean views.

Tips Two,The knack of the foot comfortable fit.

It's the right size, but not too tight. When trying on, you should stand up and walk a few paces to determine if the fins are really comfortable.

Tips Three,, the volume is moderate.

As we all know, the length of the webbed surface determines the effect of the stroke, the longer the wing surface propulsion is strong, but the energy consumption is relatively large. A pair of high quality fins consider the above two factors, the moderate length makes the fins lighter and easier to control-especially for beginners and physically weaker children and women.

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