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The role of fins
Nov 09, 2017

In general, fins can help increase the flexibility of the ankle, lengthen the length of the legs and feet, the overall growth of the lower limb effect will make the swimmer more efficient water. With very little force, the fins can be magnified and the speed improved very quickly. Flippers can help swimmers improve their interest in swimming and enjoy a swim in the water. Fins help improve the leg strength and skills of freestyle and backstroke, helping to learn the waves of breaststroke and butterfly strokes.

No matter which fins, the role of the following are several common:

1. The fins magnify the curvature of the ankle, improving the flexibility of the ankle, and the flexibility of the foot wrist is one of the key factors for the high efficiency and low water level.

2. Fins can make the body sink, the feeling of better water in the legs than the weaker swimmers, the higher the body position and the ability to swim faster in the waters makes them extremely excited, enhances their interest in swimming, and is also a slow swimmer immersed in fast swimming.

3. Wearing flippers for high intensity and long training can improve the strength of the leg muscles and improve the endurance of the leg. Allows swimmers to consume more calories and activate more muscle groups to participate in the exercise.

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