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The ankle is a good helper for snorkeling
Apr 25, 2018

The ankle is a good helper for snorkeling. With it, snorkeling will save you a lot when you swim. The large area of the ankle can provide a powerful driving force, and it is easy to use water to promote swimming. It is very labor-saving. Some people will ask: "I have a swimming technique is a food, it is necessary to wear ankles?" In fact, whether to wear ankles and swimming skills nothing to do, mainly to see personal needs, you can also determine the situation in conjunction with the snorkeling area. Some faults will have resistance to water flow and they will struggle to swim. So professionals are generally wearing their ankles and taking pictures with their ankles. They have a look and feel that they look professional.

The daily appearance rate of an ankle is really not high. If you don't have professional needs, you don't need to buy it yourself. Domestically, renting a suitable one is a good thing.

Boaters generally provide free pedaling to customers. Commonly used are medium-sized pedals. After wearing your ankles and walking on land and on a boat, try to walk backwards to prevent them from tripping on their own feet. Medium-sized flippers are more suitable for adults and short-legged shoes are suitable for beginners or children.

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