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Snorkeling Note: Snorkeling Sambo, snorkelling equipment, underwater shooting
Jan 31, 2018

1. Beware of sunburn. Exposed skin to be coated with water-resistant 50 sunscreen, but the sunscreen function is just to protect your skin from sunburn, tanning or inevitably oh. If you want tanning bronze or wheat, you can use olive oil instead of sunscreen, sun protection is good, while olive oil has the role of deepening the color.

2. Snorkel Sambo Flippers, diving mask, snorkel Snorkeling Saver, fins best buy sets of feet, do not buy adjustable half-feet. First wear a pair of thick cotton socks and then wear flippers, this will be a lot of comfort will not be sand coral sand injury or be scuffed. Swimming goggles can not snorkel. Must buy diving mask, snorkel is best to buy dry, ordinary breathing tube is difficult to use, easy to water. Diving Snorkelling Sambo is available for free on many islands (you should ask for it at the time of booking), medium quality, as long as you are not offensive to others mouth bite, despite the use. It is all right before check-out.

3. Snorkeling pay attention to the trend. Do not pay attention to it, go downstream too far, think back to swim will be very strenuous, so be sure to grasp the flow of tide to avoid being too far away from the island by the tide, threatening your safety. In particular, the island is located on the edge of the trench outside the atolls, often have rapids, snorkeling should pay special attention!

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