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Should you buy a Full Face Snorkel Mask
Feb 01, 2018

Should you buy a Full Face Snorkel Mask?

Absolutely you shouldIf you love leisurely snorkeling, the recent innovations in full face masks are a massive improvement over conventional snorkel masks. The new designs make snorkeling an astonishing and unforgettable experience. These masks are comfortable and easy to use.

After the initial adjustment of the elastic straps, you'll quickly realize how much fun these are. There is no need to stop to empty out water, defog, or re-adjust the straps.

There is no jaw fatigue, no sore teeth and no gagging on a snorkel mouthpiece.  There are some of the best reasons right there for making the switch!

Moustaches are just fine with full face snorkels, which is the complete opposite of regular masks. A regular mask will leak if the wearer has a moustache.

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