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Material and maintenance of floating-dive equipment
Nov 09, 2017

Qualified breathing tube and diving mirror, will choose silicone material to produce skin contact parts, such as breathing tube mouth, hose, mirror mask and mirror belt will also choose silicone material. Silicone material near colorless and tasteless, more flexible than rubber and PVC plastic, but also more durable than PVC, and not like rubber products make people feel uncomfortable skin. Usually qualified silicone products, in reasonable maintenance, the life can be 5-10 years, rubber products because of comfort and elasticity is too poor, basically has exited, and PVC because the price is very low, although only less than a year of life, but in low-end products still occupies a considerable market.

The material of fins is mainly made of compound plastic or compound rubber, in which the fins of compound plastic are easy to break and crack, but the price is cheap, rubber production fins, although durable, but more expensive; In recent years also useful composite silicone production of fins, although the long life, but the disadvantage is softer, only suitable for some snorkeling travel supplies, Not suitable for professional diving supplies market. In order to buy fins, the floating diver needs to buy fins according to their own leg strength and the use of the water, and do not buy the cheap or the brand name.

Float the maintenance of the Triple gem: After using fresh water rinse and soak for one or two hours, the best before the collection with clean liquid fresh water soaked after a while and then use fresh water bubble for more than 2 hours (the silicone part of the mirror with hands to scrub, remove the above water ingredients), and then dry do not dry Qualified silicone products at least 5 years of service life, brand-name products can reach 10 years, good maintenance can extend the use of silicone products.

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