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How to wear and use life jackets correctly
Nov 09, 2017

Life jackets should be worn on water life, survival, deck work and training. The life jackets are divided into adult life jackets and children's life jackets according to the applicable objects, and there are common life jackets and inflatable life jackets (also known as inflated life jackets) according to different working principles.

Ordinary life jackets are as follows:

(1) Before wearing, should check whether the life vest is damaged, belt, chest and neckline tape is intact.

(2) putting the belt part in front of the body, then putting the head into the lifejacket;

(3) The left and right two belts in front of the body cross, such as too long, respectively, around the back to the body before the knot is tied, and then fasten the chest, neckline belt can be.


One, should pay attention to whether the life vest can be used on both sides, some life jackets both sides can wear the same, life-saving performance. Some life jackets can only be worn head-on, and it is not appropriate to wear them back. If only one side equipped with a life vest lights, reflective film of life jackets, if the lamp side of the inside, the lighting will not play a role.

Second, to tie the knot, buttons and other fasteners buckle securely. If not fastened, the impact of the water in the diving may be loosened, or the water will float for a long time after the removal.

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